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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Daniel Greenstone book signing 6/16 @ The Open Books Store Chicago

Local author and award-winning educator Daniel Greenstone celebrates the launch of his new book A Theory of Great Men with a reading and signing at Open Books.

“A Theory of Great Men is a dynamic and intimate portrait of an irreverent, flawed man, one who has a talent for accumulating both protégés and enemies. Daniel Greenstone fashions a humorous and fast-paced story set in a suburban Chicago high school. George Cavaliere, a veteran high school history teacher and the narrator, has many attributes of a brilliant educator. He’s a vibrant classroom performance artist, with both passion for his subject and an energetic delivery yet his twitchy impatience with political correctness and his restless philandering lead to the unraveling of his career and his marriage. A part-time job coaching an underdog basketball team helps Cavaliere to confront his own shortcomings and begin to see that, although he is anything but a great man, he is, nevertheless, the master of his own fate."

June 16
6 pm

213 W. Institute Pl.
Suite 207
Chicago, IL 60610
312.475.1355 x100

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